Vision + Generosity + Detail + Hard Work

"Johnna Clavin is an exceptionally rare person with an even more rare talent.  She has the ability to see a blank room, blank space, table or party idea and create and inspire a feeling of magic.


As a stager and designer, her designs fit the property's spirit, property design, location, and give the potential purchaser or homeowner a sense of hope and inspiration- a feeling of what their home can be.


As an event planner and hostess, Johnna strives to make everyone feel special.  From the client to the guest, she approaches each decision with this in mind.  Her generosity of spirit and attention to detail is unmatched.


The foundation of everything Johnna does is an "old school" work ethic.  The one we all want-get the job done, on time, on budget with a great result and a smile.


Vision + generosity + detail + hard work = RARE = Johnna Clavin"


-Carolyn S. Hori

Staging Vision For New Home Buyers

Staging a home is a balance between creating the feeling of bliss, serenity and warmth and allowing space for the perspective buyers to envision themselves. We know that there are as many styles of living as there are people living them - we aspire to bring the perfect backdrop for each new beginning.


Prospective home buyers need to see a space that they can connect with and see themselves living. Johnna Clavin facilitates this process by combining an inventory of fine furnishings, lighting, artwork and accessories with skilled design. Homes staged by Johnna Clavin generally sell quickly and for top dollar! Staging services include interior, exterior landscaping, electric, painting and wall treatment and original art.

"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames