One should experience serenity, comfort and style in their home. It is a sanctuary to rejuvenate and nurture the soul with inspired creativity and zest. Johnna Clavin helps realize the perfect space that one can call a home.



Productivity and vigor should come naturally and with ease. From the foyer to the corner office, each space should be designed to inspire thought, action and resilience!



Lounging on a beachside deck, strolling a curated estate or dining under the trees –landscaping and outdoor design is an extension of the home. With every flower, fountain or vase, Johnna Clavin ignites the spectators’ curiosity with elegance and surprises.

Design Beauty & Elegance in the Home or Office

Each project is a journey in collaboration with the client to discover the soul of a home or office. Whether it is a small kitchen remodel or a large home or office design - Johnna Clavin's resources and knowledge of textiles and fine furnishings create a palette that allows full fruition of each unique vision. 

"An interior is the natural projection of the soul." - Coco Chanel